Flossing Has Its Benefits

Flossing Has Its Benefits!

Despite the fact that nearly all of us know we need to floss our teeth, “only 50% of Americans floss daily, 31% floss less than daily, and 18% do not floss at all,” according to reports from the American Dental Association. Many who are not flossing believe that brushing their teeth is enough, but the truth is that a toothbrush, even an electric one, simply cannot get all the food particles and bacteria that are in between the teeth. Read more

tips for a healthy mouth

4 Tips for a Healthy Mouth

As you may already know, our mouths are filled with hundreds of different types of bacteria. Pretty gross, right? Luckily, not all of this bacteria is bad. Dental plaque, for example, fights to help protect our teeth against acid produced by sugar and starch. Water and fluoride from toothpaste also help protect teeth. Read more