Teeth Whitening Services in San Diego

Custom Fit Tray Whitening (In-Home)

A custom fitted whitening tray is worn over your teeth. A small amount of whitening gel is placed in the tray and worn for a brief amount of time each day. This is the most common technique because it’s easy to use and cost efficient. While some results may be seen in a couple days, it usually takes one to two weeks to see the full whitening of your teeth. This procedure is sometimes used in conjunction with the in-office laser whitening, especially if you have severe discoloration.

Advantages: A gradual whitening of your teeth over time will be less noticeable to others. The cost is relatively low.

Disadvantages: This procedure will require two visits to the cosmetic dentist office.

Laser Whitening (In-Office)

Zoom-pic-2Using a laser with a whitening gel is an in-office whitening system. The translucent whitening gel is applied to the tooth and a laser light is used to activate whitening crystals that absorb energy from the light and penetrate the tooth enamel to increase the lightening effect on the tooth. The length of time in the cosmetic dentist’s chair depends on the degree of discoloration you have, usually 1-2 hours.

Advantage: One visit is usually all it takes for a bright smile.

Disadvantage: The sudden change of color is likely to be noticed by those around you immediately. This is the more expensive of the procedures available, but also the quickest.

Before & After

*Dentistry by David C. Chotiner, D.M.D.