Get Your Smile Ready for Wedding Season

How to Get Your Smile Ready for Wedding Season

How to Get Your Smile Ready for Wedding Season

With spring here and summer not too far away, weddings are going to be happening left and right! Besides remembering to stay in shape and picking out the perfect outfit to wear, have you ever thought about making your teeth look as good as they can be? Cameras will be at your every turn and you’ll probably be in dozens of pictures. You’re sure to do a lot of smiling at weddings, so make sure that your teeth look incredible! Here are a few tips to get your smile ready:

  1. Whiten your teeth with Dr. Chotiner

    At Coastal Dental Arts, we have an efficient and quick whitening service that will make your teeth shades whiter and brighter! You won’t even be able to believe what a difference a professional whitening treatment makes! With our top of the line technology and Dr. Chotiner’s expertise, you’re sure to leave feeling like a million bucks. Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist brings much quicker results than using store-bought whiteners, which can often be a disappointing waste of money! It’s an affordable investment that you’ll thank yourself for getting.

  2. Maintain your oral hygiene routine.

    Remember to keep up with your flossing, brushing, and mouth washing routine! Brush two times a day for at least two minutes each time, floss at least once, and remember to use mouthwash. Just because you’re busy getting ready doesn’t mean you should push your oral hygiene to the side! Maintaining the health of your teeth is important for maintaining their healthy and beautiful look!

  3. Choose strategic makeup colors

    Certain colors do wonders on the the perceived whiteness of your teeth! A red on the lips has long been known to be an instant teeth brightener, so a great choice would be cherry red, rosy pink, and bright berry colors. Make sure that they are warmer toned, because cooler (or blue-toned) lipsticks can contrast against stains and actually bring out the yellow in teeth. Bronzer is also a great tip to create an all-around healthier look!

  4. Wipe away stains.

    Try to make an effort to physically remove the stains from your teeth immediately after drinking dark beverages, such as red wine or dark sodas. Casually and subtly take your napkin and gently clean off your teeth. This actually helps to make a huge difference for your teeth’s appearance!

  5. Relax your face and smile

    A relaxed facial expression is necessary for creating a natural smile. While you don’t want to look sleepy, you don’t want to look hyper-awake either, because it looks very artificial in a picture. Nothing in your facial expression should give off the impression that you’re straining or trying too hard! Remember, your smile is beautiful and you are celebrating, so show it off with a natural glow!

Make an appointment with Coastal Dental Arts for a teeth whitening session that will leave your smile happy, healthy, and glowing! Dr. Chotiner is an expert at whitening and will be excited to help you create the perfect wedding-ready look!

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